Music Review: Andrew Bird – Useless Creatures (2009)

Useless Creatures is Andrew Bird’s first instrumental album, which is sure to intrigue both long time Bird fans and those who may have just started with the primary disc of Noble Beast.  Unfortunately, Useless Creatures lives up to its name; these songs are occassionaly interesting, always pretty, but entirely useless.  It’s not simply a matter of missing Bird’s voice, it’s that these are 9 ideas stretched too far and too thin.  On a typical Bird release the instrumentals are generally short and few, and appropriately so for the breadth of the ideas they contain.  Useless Creatures sounds like these short instrumental songs stretched to five times their appropriate length.  They are pretty creatures, occassionally interesting, and on even rarer occassions astounding, but do we really want to stare at them for 45 minutes?

Final Score: 5.8/10

Highlights: Nyatti, Carrion Suite, Hot Math


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